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When it comes to advising companies on leases and the law, Arro has you covered. We specialise in drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial and retail leases for businesses and individuals. Our lawyers can provide business lease legal advice regarding the following matters:

  • Advising directors of companies of any personal obligations in attaching to the lease.
  • Advising companies about the consequences of wanting to get out the lease and assisting in so doing.
  • Advising companies about the ability or otherwise to vary the terms and conditions of the lease after it has been signed.

Retail Leases Act advice

Arro can advise on the full spectrum of legal matters concerning the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic). Our solicitors offer the following services to ensure your business has the best possible Retail Leases Act advice and counsel required:

  • Assessing whether certain premises and businesses are covered under the Retail Leases Act.
  • Providing advice to clients about the meaning of retail premises and exclusions for coverage of the Retail Leases Act.
  • Advising landlords and tenants on disclosure obligations under the Retail Leases Act and other obligations under the Retail Leases Act including those published by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner.
  • Advising clients on options to renew and the process required to exercise and approve options.
  • Advising landlords of their obligations under the Retail Leases Act.
  • Advising tenants of their obligations under the Retail Leases Act.

Retail and commercial leases drafting and negotiation

When businesses approach drafting and negotiation for retail and commercial leases, there can be a large number of legal pitfalls to traverse. Arro’s solicitors help ensure your business achieves legal success with lease considerations by providing the following advice and services:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial and retail leases and disclosure statements and heads of agreement.
  • Advising clients on general lease terms and conditions including the term of the lease and options to renew, rent and the basis of rental reviews, the dates of exercise of any option(s) for further lease terms and associated rent increases, outgoing or shared operating expenses, obligations to repair/maintain, permitted use and assignment.
  • Drafting and negotiating special conditions to record requirements and obligations not otherwise included in the general conditions.
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