Business Sale and Purchase

When it comes to buying and selling a business, Arro can ensure legal success for your company. We are experienced in advising on all legal matters related to business sale and purchase, and our solicitors can offer a broad spectrum of services such as:

  • Negotiating a sale/purchase of a business.
  • Drafting heads of agreement setting out the key terms of the sale/purchase agreement.
  • Drafting/reviewing sale of business contract.
  • Identifying and transferring IP.
  • Undertaking due diligence, advising of identifiable risks and advising on those risks.
  • Settling the sale/purchase.
  • Transferring/terminating employees.
  • Transferring securities, licences, key contracts, plant and equipment.

Business valuation methodology

Valuing a business is often a difficult task, and we at Arro can help by advising on a comprehensive business valuation method which consists of:

  • Identifying key referrers such as accountants, financial planners, industry experts to assist in valuing your business.
  • Discussing with clients the value of obtaining appropriate valuations.
  • Considering and discussing with clients the valuation of different assets and goodwill of their business.
  • Crafting management documents and sale documents containing robust valuation methods to ensure the maximising of returns.

Due diligence and settlement

During the sale or purchase of a business, it is vital to be diligent. Our experienced solicitors can offer the following advice or services in this area of the law:

  • Advising clients on due diligence and settlement requirements such as:
    • Historical and current company information provided to the regulator
    • Status of tax payments
    • Status of any litigation
    • Grunt of any securities
    • Provisioning of long service leave, annual leave and personal/carer’s leave of employees
    • Key terms of any leases, hire purchase arrangements and supplier contracts
    • Status and fulfilment of any contracts for the supply of goods or services
    • Status of any licences necessary to run the business
    • Status of any health and safety inspections
  • Obtaining relevant transfers such as transfers of certain digital assets including intellectual property
  • Attending settlement

Third party negotiations including landlords

Many transactions involve third party negotiations, our solicitors can help by providing the following legal advice and services:

  • Obtaining the consent from the landlord to the transfer of any leases being passed as part of the purchase of business
  • Identifying key and material terms in the leases which may impact the value of the acquisition
  • Advising pre-purchase of any unusual conditions in the lease which may impact the decision to acquire a business
  • Negotiate with the landlord concerning any changes requested to the lease or any requirements to ensure the property’s fitness for a purpose such as fibre optic cabling or the installation of satellite dishes
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