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Employee contracts, policy manual, handbooks and position descriptions

What kinds of expertise can Arro provide in terms of general employment law advice?

  • Preparing on employment contracts for all types of employment including full time, part time, casual, fixed term and executive
  • Advising on the principles applied in forming an employment agreement including express or implied terms
  • Advising on the enforceability of restrictive covenants including non-compete during employment, confidentiality during and post-employment, intellectual property rights and post-employment restraint of trade
  • Preparing employee handbooks dealing with equal employment opportunity, appropriate workplace behaviour, safety, leave and other absences, email, internet and copyright, conflict of interest, confidentiality and intellectual property, personal presentation and professional standards, grievance procedures and exit requirements
  • Assisting employees in the formation of position descriptions
  • Preparing policies and procedures dealing with workplace surveillance, social media, performance management, managing injury and return to work, in-vehicle monitoring, bullying, harassment, grievance resolution, drugs and alcohol, confidentiality, discrimination and acceptable IT use

Who would usually need this expertise?

  • Employers
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Employees

How can general employment law advice benefit digital businesses?

  • Employees’ inappropriate use of social media sites
  • Bullying and harassment of employees on social media sites
  • Employee posting discriminatory comments on social media sites (e.g. racist, sexist, ageist and other discriminatory comments)
  • Disparagement of employers on social media sites
  • Employees making unauthorised comments on behalf of the company online
  • Employees divulging or discussing confidential or personal information (e.g. information regarding the Company operations, business, clients, services, prices, financial position, security, or activities) obtained as an employee online
  • Employees identifying other employees or publishing personal details and/or images about other employees without their permission
  • Employees using email addresses or logos as part of their personal social media activities and posting images of themselves or any other employee in uniform or exercising official duties
  • Security risks – social media sites can contain a significant amount of personal information. Accordingly, it is in the best interests of employees to ensure appropriate and effective security and/or privacy settings are established, where available, to allow restricted access to their sites. Unintended invitees may gain access to a social network site through a linked association (i.e. friend of a friend). Some individuals and organisations, including criminal organisations, use social media to mask their true identity and obtain personal information.

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