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Arro differs from other law firms because we are a specialist law firm for businesses operating in and around the digital space. We service the legal needs of digital businesses, and those delivering digital products. We’re different, because we’re decisive, disruptive, approachable and agile.

Arro is different because we:

  • Value accessible law, innovation and virtue
  • Provide pioneering law services on the digital frontier
  • Are a future-facing law firm
  • Provide online purchase documents
  • Have an online chat option for accessibility and real time communication with lawyers
  • Provide quick pragmatic real time solutions to client problems on a multi-functioning and ergonomic online platform
  • Are transparent about costs
  • Offer up-front, fixed fee costs and structures for many of our services which add to the clarity, breadth and depth of advice a prospective client is to receive
  • Are an environmentally friendly company, offering paperless services that save money, boost productivity, save on space and are stored securely
  • Are specifically geared towards meeting the needs and inclinations of the legal services industry in the 21st century

The Privacy Act requires people and businesses to receive, store and disseminate certain information in accordance with the Privacy Act. If your business receives stores or disseminates personal information through your online presence then it must do so in accordance with the law and tell consumers the way in which it does so. A Privacy Policy is evidence of your commitment to your consumers to receive and store data in accordance with the law.

Website terms and conditions set out rules and guidelines, via a binding contract, in relation to access to your website. This seeks to prevent abuse of your website, data on your website and your intellectual property contained therein – for example it seeks to avoid defamatory content, spamming and passing off.

Other advantages of website terms and conditions include:

  • Outline the ownership of content contained on the website (intellectual property).
  • Outline scenarios where access by specific people can be suspended and/or terminated.
  • Limit your liability in relation to use of your website and content contained therein.
  • Set the governing law for any disputes related to the website and the information contained therein.
  • Avoids the needs for continued updates and clarification of terms of use and answers questions that users may have

Terms of trade is a contractual agreement that is legally binding that sets out and/or limits liabilities and obligations of you and the client/customer. This is important because it sufficiently and succinctly sets out issues relating to product delivery, payment terms, data protection, warranties and guarantees, copyright, acceptable use, defects and returns etc.

Other benefits of a terms of trade agreement include:

  • Essentially protects your business and seeks to minimise disputes and problems as both parties know where they stand by reference to the agreed terms of trade.
  • Enables you set out terms that are favourable to clients – terms that provide equal bargaining power and promote business efficacy, whilst containing the appropriate protection for your business.
  • Terms of Trade are evidence that can be produced should a dispute arise.
  • Helps you and your clients/customers understand their obligations, rights, roles and responsibilities.
  • Failing to have terms of trade can have serious effects on the cash flow of your business – knowing when a client/customer will pay for goods and/or services promotes efficient and transparent accounting.
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