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Welcome to Arro Lawyers: A new approach to new areas of law

We’re the familiar faces you’ve worked with and the expertise you can depend upon, but we’ve changed how we approach what we do best.

We have a new name. A new website. And we’re bringing you an entirely new experience, with more choice and flexibility in how you access our services.

As Arro, we are now Australia’s only legal service that approaches digital requirements from a truly digital perspective. It’s a change for the better, and it’s all about streamlining your journey to legal advice.

We’re no longer your typical law firm, because you’re no longer the typical client. You might be working in spaces that didn’t exist five years ago, spaces that traditional law firms don’t fully understand and can struggle to keep up with. As the digital landscape evolves around your business, so do the legal requirements of companies like you. We embody that, and we’re dedicated to keeping pace with your journey.


But above all else, we’re dedicated to making life easier for you – whatever it is you need.


The days where businesses could afford to spend hours sitting around in stuffy boardrooms to access the legal services they need are dead and gone. The Silicon Valley mantra of ‘move fast and break things’ has fundamentally changed how many businesses operate in the digital setting, and because the legal profession hasn’t kept up that often means that start-ups are often forced to neglect vital tenets business law. That’s a big problem, and it’s one that Arro is committed to solving.

We’re doing away with lengthy meetings when they don’t make sense for your business, and offering off-the-shelf legal solutions instead. It’s 2016 and we think it’s time that high-quality legal services be delivered directly to where you’re working, via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

We now offer consultations with skilled, accredited solicitors instantly, no matter where you are. We offer critical information like Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies that you can customize to your specific needs, with our experience and expertise. We WILL offer face-to-face meetings in a virtual environment, and ongoing consultations when and where you need them.

We’re proud to introduce Arro Lawyers, and we’re here to change how your digital business accesses digital law. Different times call for different measures, but we’re the same people you know and trust.

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