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Fixed price property sale (including contracts of sale of real-estate)

How can Arro assist your business with fixed price property sales and contracts of sale?

Our team are highly experienced in navigating businesses through fixed price property sales. Our legal advice and services in this area can extend to:

  • Preparing contracts of sale and vendor’s statements (also referred to as section 32 statements);
  • Ordering and obtaining relevant property certificates required to be included in the vendor’s statement including title search, plan, planning certificate, VicRoads certificate, land information certificate, water rates certificate, land tax certificate, building certificate, designated bushfire prone area certificate, due diligence certificate, heritage certificate, covenants, growth area infrastructure contribution certificate
  • Obtaining section 27 information from mortgagee and drafting section 27 statements (also referred to as release of deposit statements)
  • Liaising with client’s mortgagees to arrange for mortgage discharges and payout figures for settlement
  • Preparing all forms required by the State Revenue Office and Land Victoria including transfer of land, duties forms and notices of disposition
  • Reviewing statement of adjustments prepared by purchaser’s representative
  • Providing cheque directions to purchaser’s representative
  • Notifying relevant authorities of the change in ownership after settlement
  • All other matters necessary in relation to organising, effecting and attending settlement

Who would normally require this expertise?

  • Property owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Residential and commercial loan brokers
  • Financiers
  • Investors
  • Banks

How can advice on fixed property sales benefit digital businesses?

  • Efficiency through e-conveyancing being an electronic platform provided by Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA)
  • Efficiency through electronic submissions on Duties Online allowing registered users to electronically submit property transfers and declarations of trust
  • Online preparation of documents required by Land Victoria and the State Revenue Office

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