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Fixed price property acquisition

How can Arro assist with services in fixed price property acquisition?

Arro’s team offer the full spectrum of experience and expertise with legal matters related to the acquisition of properties. We can help with services including:

  • Reviewing proposed contracts of sale and section 32 statements to identify potential issues and negotiation points prior to execution and/or cooling off periods.
  • Obtaining necessary rate, tax and planning certificates required to prepare a statement of adjustments apportioning all periodic outgoings payable by the vendor, and any rent and other income received in respect of the property.
  • Advising on land transfer duty.
  • Advising on State Revenue Office grants including first home buyer duty reductions, principal place of residence duty concessions, off-the-plan concessions and pensioner duty exemptions and concessions.
  • Preparing documents required to complete settlement including transfer of land, nomination documents, purchaser statements and notices of acquisition.
  • Preparing and lodging purchaser caveats to register interests in property(ies) being purchased.
  • Lodgement of stamp duty via the State Revenue Office’s Duties Online portal.
  • Liaising with mortgagees in relation to any mortgage loans.
  • All other matters necessary in relation to organising and effecting settlement.

Who would usually need legal advice and services regarding fixed price property acquisition?

  • Australian citizens and foreign residents looking to purchase land in Victoria.
  • Property owners.
  • Real estate agents.
  • Residential and commercial loan brokers.
  • Financiers.
  • Investors.
  • Banks.
  • First home buyers.

How can fixed price property acquisition advice benefit digital businesses?

  • Contracts of sale and vendors statement can be reviewed by us electronically and advice digitally (e.g. by email/phone etc.).
  • Online preparation of documents required by Land Victoria and the State Revenue Office.
  • Assessing the value of stamp duty using the State Revenue Office’s online stamp duty calculator.

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