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Collaborative law approaches to dispute resolution

How can Arro assist your business with collaborative law approaches to dispute resolution?

Arro’s team offer the following legal advice and services to help your business achieve favourable outcomes with collaborative approaches to law:

  • Advising and assisting on collaborative approaches to dispute resolution and facilitate a broad range of processes geared towards dispute resolution.
  • Advising and assisting clients to engage local and international industry experts to help resolve disputes out of court.
  • Performing research (both legal and otherwise) to assist clients with dispute resolution.
  • Assisting clients to review and/or draft formal documents for use within dispute resolution processes, including advice as to expert reports and witness evidence.
  • Assisting and advising clients to achieve a resolution to disputes on a confidential basis.
  • Assisting and advising clients with flexible and bespoke settlement offers and negotiating with other professionals to enable resolution of the dispute.

Who would usually require this expertise?

  • Litigants in Person
  • Family members
  • Sole Traders
  • Employers/Employees

How can collaborative law approaches benefit digital businesses?

  • Flexible settlements and resolutions for disputes to cater for the fast-moving and ever-growing digital market.
  • Helping clients resolve disputes through obtaining reports and insight from other leading professionals in the digital and online market, including information technology, cyber security, confidentiality and intellectual property.

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