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Arro has supported Yoke’s growth from a small design studio to a heavyweight in the digital advertising space with responsive legal solutions and sound advice.


About Yoke

Yoke is an award-winning creative agency based out of an old brick building in the heart of Collingwood. Yoke’s accelerated growth over the past few years and on-boarding of large clients from the real-estate, commerce and legal sectors has necessitated water-tight legal agreements that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Arro has been there every step of the way to implement these solutions.

The Problem

Over the past few years, Yoke has grown from a small design-focused studio numbering few people and servicing small clients, to a multifaceted powerhouse addressing the needs of large businesses across Australia with both creative and strategic digital solutions.

With this meteoric rise has come all the expected legal pitfalls, and to successfully navigate these challenges Yoke needed an experienced hand. Due to the fast-paced nature of advertising in the digital space, a traditionally-minded law firm would have struggled to keep pace.

Yoke needed a firm that could keep up with changing demands, and consistently deliver sound legal solutions with an eye on commercial success. Arro was the perfect fit.

The Solution

Arro helped Yoke identify where legal procedures and processes could be streamlined, and formulated legally watertight client-facing documents including proposals for new work, software service-desk agreements and digital marketing support. Arro ensured that these documents could be readily tailored to the needs of clients across a wide range of industries.

Additionally, Arro worked with Yoke to define legal parameters and a framework for how digital services could be improved for clients while remaining fully compliant with applicable legislation surrounding the digital space.

Arro continues to provide long-term strategic advice on acquisitions and growth consistent with Yoke’s strategy and business objectives.

The Benefits

Arro’s legal advice and services continue to be an integral part of Yoke’s growth plan, ensuring commercial goals are achieved in a legally watertight and sustainable manner. They have a great understanding of the threats to clients and agencies in the volatile market of brand security and company communications.

The close relationship developed between the teams at Yoke and Arro has led to positive growth and learning for both companies, allowing each to better serve clients in their respective industries going forward.




David Dennis - Yoke

What made this project a success?

  • A focus on adaptive, sound legal solutions to match the fast-changing requirements of a digital advertising agency.

Simon Reid

Founder & CEO

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