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Tommy Collins now operates some of our finest cafes and restaurants, including Schmucks Bagels and Central. Arro has been there throughout to serve up legal advice and support.


About Tommy Collins

Tommy Collins Group Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based bespoke catering management firm, where meticulous planning and attention to detail are paramount. Arro has provided advice and support regarding sales, mergers and acquisitions across the hospitality sector, along with valuable support to their online presence and digital marketing.

The Problem

The boys behind Tommy Collins have been very busy over the last couple of years running and operating uber successful catering events and cafes in Melbourne’s South together with their corporate partners.

When the Tommy Collins Group wanted to expand its business and acquire new business, the Tommy Collins boys approached Simon Reid to provide advice and guidance on the legal framework and processes going forward.

The Solution

Arro assisted Tommy Collins with the sale and purchase of a number of businesses and provided practical advice about the group structure, sales terms and Tommy Collin’s online digital compliance.

Arro provided current and long term strategic advice on acquisitions and introductions consistent with Tommy Collin’s growth strategy and business plans.

The Benefits

Tommy Collins now successfully runs and operates some of Melbourne’s finest and newest cafes offerings and restaurants including Schmucks Bagels and Central.

The development of relationship between Arro and Tommy Collins Group based on mutual respect, transparency and honestly. Arro has been there with them to provide legal advice and support as they continue to kick goals.

Arro and Tommy Collins continue to grow together and Arro have become an innovative, accessible and transparent legal tool for one of Melbourne brightest hospitality groups.


What made this project a success?

  • Developing a relationship between Arro and Tommy Collins Group based on mutual respect, transparency and honesty.

Simon Reid

Founder & CEO

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