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Inventium engaged Arro to assist with its in-house workplace relations by providing resolutions and risk management services.


About Inventium

Inventium is an award winning Australian innovation consultancy. They offer science-based solutions to help organisations grow through scientifically proven methods of driving innovation. In order for the Inventiologists to focus on their true calling – being science geeks – they engaged Arro to provide specialist employment law and HR guidance.

The Problem

Amantha Imber, Inventium’s Director, approached Arro a number of years ago requiring assistance with a range of employment law matters. Leading a smart, agile and innovative company, Amantha wanted Inventium’s lawyers to be on the same page. Inventium required industrially savvy workplace solutions and practical advice across a range of internal workplace matters.

The Solution

Arro provided Inventium with sensible legal solutions tailored to the company’s needs.

The Benefits

Since then, Arro has become Inventium’s go-to legal advisors across all areas of workplace law. This has given Amantha and the rest of Inventium’s staff peace of mind – safe in the knowledge their workplace decisions and documents are in order.



Dr Amantha Imber - Head Inventiologist

What made this project a success?

  • The transparent and honest communication between Arro and Inventium.

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