Third party negotiations including landlords

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Third party negotiations including landlords

What kinds of expertise can Arro provide for third party negotiation cases?

Arro’s team have a wealth of experience in the area of third party negotiation. When it comes to third party negotiations including landlords, our solicitors can help by providing the following legal advice and services:

  • Obtaining the consent from the landlord to the transfer of any leases being passed as part of the purchase of business
  • Identifying key and material terms in the leases which may impact either the value of the acquisition
  • Advising pre-purchase of any unusual conditions in the lease which may impact the decision to acquire a business
  • Negotiate with the landlord concerning any changes requested to the lease or any hardware required to ensure the property’s fitness for purpose such as fibre optic cabling or the installation of satellite dishes

Who would usually need third party negotiation advice or services?

  • Business owners
  • Individuals and companies looking to acquire businesses
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accountants
  • Brokers

How can third party negotiations benefit businesses operating in the digital space ?

Business owners or potential business owners looking to acquire business with physical premises to ensure the premises are suitable for any digital needs.

Industry: Commercial and Residential Property, Marketing and Communications, Professional Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Retail, Design
Service: Business Sale and Purchase

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