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Retail Leases Act advice

What kinds of expertise can Arro provide in terms of Retail Leases Act advice?

Arro can advise on the full spectrum of legal matters concerning the Retail Leases Act. Our solicitors offer the following services to ensure your business has the best possible Retail Leases Act advice and counsel required:

  • Assessing whether certain premises and businesses are covered under the Retail Leases Act.
  • Providing advice to clients about the meaning of retail premises and exclusions for coverage of the Retail Leases Act.
  • Advising landlords and tenants on disclosure obligations under the Retail Leases Act and other obligations under the Retail Leases Act including those published by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner.
  • Advising clients on options to renew and the process required to exercise and approve options.
  • Advising landlords of their obligations under the Retail Leases Act.
  • Advising tenants of their obligations under the Retail Leases Act.

Who would usually need advice on the Retail Leases Act?

  • Landlords.
  • Tenants.
  • Property owners.
  • Business owners.

How can Retail Leases Act advice and legal services benefit businesses operating in the digital space?

One of the earliest challenges facing a start-up, and in particular an online start-up, is considering the need for a bricks and mortar presence. Arro understands this challenge and provides commercial and practical advice to start-ups to assist in the consideration of whether or not to rent or purchase a commercial space as well as advice concerning alternatives such as ‘hot-desking’ and cohabitation spaces.

Industry: Commercial and Residential Property, Marketing and Communications, Professional Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Retail, Design
Service: Retail/Commercial leases

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